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bacc_krow's Journal

7 April
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Howdy, and welcome to my first proper attempt at a BACC (Build a City Challenge) for The Sims 2. The land is called Krow, because at some stage I thought using 'work' backwards would be a cutting edge witticism. It seemed like a good idea at the time; I fully anticipate at least one retrospective "what was I thinking?" moment.

In this LJ I'll be posting family and game updates relevant to this BACC. A BACC requires that you build a town from the ground up - you start with one sim and work your way through to a thriving community.
The rules I am following are a tweaked version of these: http://redmond-flats.weebly.com/the-build-a-city-challenge.html

I'll be honest: when you've played the Sims 2 for years and started with countless founders adhering to various ISBI/Poverity/traditional legacy rules.. it gets quite a bit samey-same. I've gotten quite bored before Gen 2 even learns how to walk. So I have tweaked and will continue to tweak the rules to my interests, to keep a healthy balance between familiar things and playing the game a different way.


Because legacychallenge.com is no longer available, read the Challenge rules/etc, here.
Thanks to slina_elvellon for providing their copies of the Challenge. :)