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Howdy, and welcome to my first proper attempt at a BACC (Build a City Challenge) for The Sims 2. The land is called Krow, because at some stage I thought using 'work' backwards would be a cutting edge witticism. It seemed like a good idea at the time; I fully anticipate at least one retrospective "what was I thinking?" moment.

In this LJ I'll be posting family and game updates relevant to this BACC. A BACC requires that you build a town from the ground up - you start with one sim and work your way through to a thriving community. The rules I am following are a tweaked version of these: http://redmond-flats.weebly.com/the-build-a-city-challenge.html.

The goal of Krow is not to reach a population of 50,000. I will play as long as the BACC challenge holds my interest; whenever I need a break from DS or tertiary studies.

I'll be honest: when you've played the Sims 2 for years and started with countless founders adhering to various ISBI/Poverity/traditional legacy rules.. it gets quite a bit samey-same. I've gotten quite bored before Gen 2 even learns how to walk. So I have tweaked and will continue to tweak the rules to my interests, to keep a healthy balance between familiar things and playing the game a different way.

Stuff happens!Collapse )

Krow is currently populated by the Omega Family, the Patchwork Family, the Bruty Family, the Torrisi Family, the Confetti Family, the Hark Family, the Crowley family, and the Cwik Family.

An index of the families, their history and their family trees can be found here! (tad outdated, though...)

Read about Krow's development in chronological order with all the families, starting here.Collapse )

Your BACCs

Hey dudes and dudettes!

Do you have a BACC? Or a Prosperity or you know, something not too far away from the general theme? Or a legacy, or a lengthy challenge? Something terribly sims like? :D

Please post a link to it here, in the comments of this post. :) I want to have a link list of stuff to read, and it's going to go in the sidebar of this here journal-journal, so others can read stuff too.

So even if you're on my friends list (and fear not, I read what's on my friends list, lol), or you're a lurker who has never commented before, or a random passer-by that might be here by mistake, please leave a link.

Thankyou. :3
so, let me tell you a story about the things I've done to my game. this is not a pretty picture post, it's a bunch of text which is me partially loling and mostly recording things I don't want to do again. technical snafus ahead!Collapse )
to celebrate finally having a decent internet connection, I am going on a CC spree. it's been a long time since I've gone all out and gotten more than just necessary CC, so it's well overdue and it is so much fun

all I've done so far is trawl some of the GOS themes I missed - I've also started on the GOS 2012 advent and already my "to install" folder (featuring zipped files) is 258mb. Still to come: Blind Date (which I've heard good things about!), CIJ 2012, SS 2012, and then after that, eljay and tumblr oh my.

I regret nothing

also: if you've ever made CC, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH RIGHT NOW <333

Krow - Week 12 - The Torrisi Family

It's been a looonnng time since I've updated this quickly, but I have motivations: I have a bunch of other games (literally a pile of like eight or nine other titles) to play and I'm procrastinating them by playing TS2 and making updates - which so far is working very well. So here we are, with a Torrisi update! 50+ .jpgsCollapse )

Next on the rotation will be the Torrisi X family, part of the Xenophillia challenge. C:

Krow - Week 12 - The Bruty Family

Okay so I just realised that my last Bruty update was eleven months ago. lol whoops. WHERE DID THE TIME GO AND HOW CAN I GET IT BACK

Anyways. The family, if you recall, moved into a new house at the end of last rotation; a much more practical house than the last one. 80+ .jpgsCollapse )

Next on the rotation will be the Torrisi family.

tumblr thing

so after a bit of procrastinating and such, I got myself a tumblr. It's not a 'simblr', though I will post simming things there on occasion (and other gaming things, and life things, and so on).

here is the url:

Please let me know if you have one, and what it is! I've added a couple of you that I knew of already, but I'd like to follow a bunch of simblrs. I'm interested in non-simblr tumblrs too, so let me know if you have one of those. :D

also, for those of you who do use tumblr quite a bit, here is a question! is there a way to work it so that every post made ever, that is tagged as say, #books, will show up on my dash? or do I have to use the search function all the time?


moar holiday cards

Hey dudes!

Just an FYI that I'm sending out those holiday cards this friday, and I've still got room for quite a few more people, if anyone else wants one. I have six cards to use up, so don't be shy. They're cute and australian themed!

details and things

Nov. 30th, 2012

eljay, what have you done to the post an entry page.

we need to talk.


holiday cards!

Okay so!

I like my friendlist people a lot. I like my readers a lot (though you haven't exactly had much to read lately, my bad).

I have a pack of Christmas-themed cards and I want to send them to people. I'm not normally festive, so this is the sum total of my effort to be a little bit holiday-ish. Pretty sure that once the store I work at starts up their horrible christmas carols, I'll be far less enthusiastic, so let's get this show on the road while we can!

If you would like a christmas card from me (and my cat), what I need is:

a) a comment on this post expressing your interest
b) a message in my inbox that contains your postal address. Comments are not screened, so I don't recommend that you post your address here. Please inbox it.

I also need to know:

c) if you celebrate christmas or something else or nothing at all (so I don't send/write something irrelevant and/or inappropriate)
d) actually I think that's everything.

I will be mailing these out December 6th, so you have until then to let me know if you want one. They're cute and Australian themed (because it is summer here and snowmen would die) and I want to share.

I'd really like to send these out, so please don't hesitate to say "me!" If you feel anxious about getting singled out or some such, just inbox me the whole kit and kaboodle, no worries.

The Bruty update is 9/10th's done, so that should be up tomorrow. <3!


It may not be entirely surprising to find that this journal is used to record the unfolding of Krow, a town in TS2 done BACC style. My game accidentally turned out to be maxis match, but I rather like it that way.

As for me? I reject stereotyping, embrace diversity and I don't like to argue. I rarely, if ever, accept things at face value. I promise I don't bite. :)

Krow Stats / Week 12

12 Households
11 Household businesses
14 Community Lots (3 public)
2 Business Districts
19 Job Slots
4 Unlocked Careers
1 University
3 Generations

University Fund: $500,000

There are 55 Playables
The muliplier is 19
The total population is 1045

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